Arrowhead Story


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My husband found an Indian arrowhead as a small child while playing on the family farm.  Our first Valentines Day together, he gave me the arrowhead on a black velvet necklace, along with this story.   And since then we have shared many magical moments.  Something as simple as the turn of a leaf, can provide great magical splendor!


I give to you a wonderful  treasure, for it holds great magic.  It came into the possession of  a small boy in north central Arkansas, many years ago. The old grave site where it was found, is located on a small mound about 250 yards south of Point Remove Creek, where the high bluff first touches the small creek. 

The intersection of Point Remove Creek and the Arkansas River was the start of the "Cherokee Strip." It was a stopping point on the "Trail of Tears," when all the southern Indian Tribes were moved into Oklahoma.

This treasure is Osage, maybe Quapaw, part of the Southern Sioux tribes.  Its magic is great, for the young boy had many dreams and visions of the Indian Way after finding this treasure. 

And now it is time for you to share the magic.  May your visit be good, and you always remember.


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