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Bakalo CGR

(AKA "Princess")

In Romany language means something or someone lucky

Bakalo  began her journey in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England.  She is a very well bred 2002 filly, with two of the most sought after bloodlines among the Romany Gypsies.  Her sire was the late, "His Majesty, The King, " who was owned by Gypsy Grace Ranch.  Majesty's grandsire is the legendary Kent Horse and Bakalo's dam is a daughter of  "The Old Black Horse," who also is a living legend.

Bakalo flew with about 16 other Gypsy horses, to begin their new lives in the USA!  After spending a short while in quarantine, she was transported to a boarding facility in Paris, Kentucky, where she got some much needed rest.  The  last leg of her journey brings her to our farm in Solgohachia  Arkansas, where she will become one of the foundation mares for a breeding program of traditional Gypsy horses!

Picture Provided by  Black Forest Shires and may not be reproduced without their permission

Bakalo is a gentle filly with a gregarious nature.  She has flashy looks, with lots of color that is difficult to find in Gypsy horses.   Her mane and tail are thick and luxurious with  loads of soft silky feather!


When I first found Bakalo on the internet, this is what she looked like!  She was approximately 6 months old.

Bakalo,  2 years old in this photo and maturing into a stunning example of a Gypsy Vanner mare!

Even under all the hair you can tell she will have the traditional heavy build of a quality Gypsy horse.

At two years old, Bakalo still has some growing and filling out to do. 



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