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Our Surprise Anniversary Gift


Gypsy Vanner Colt - 4/24/06 

10 hours old in these photo's


All photo's on this page show the colt at about 10-12 hours old.  He is quite full of himself, even at this very early age.



His color is about 50-50, when he sheds his foal coat, he will be beautiful black and white.


He certainly is determined to make his long spindly legs carry him quickly to where he wants to go.



This colt has original Romany bloodlines, tracing back to the first horses that consistently reproduced the breed as we know it today.  Our mare Bakalo has Kent Horse/Shogun Horse breeding on her sires side and The Coal Horse/The Old Black Horse on  her dams side.  The sire of this very correct colt is the awesome Latcho Drom, who is the cover horse on Horse Feathers  calendar this year!

Please contact us for more information regarding this up and coming stallion prospect.

Click on this link to see pictures from 6 Days Old