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We are proud to introduce the latest addition to our traditional Gypsy Vanner herd, our junior stallion

"Call Me Sir"

Sir is a 2004 colt.  I have watched and admired him from birth, and just recently we were able to finally purchase him.   Sir descends from legendary  bloodlines of the Romany Gypsy, The Lob Eared Horse, The Old Horse of Wales and Bob the Blagdon to name a few.  Click on his picture to learn more about Sir.


Four months after our first imported filly - we found "Fantasia"

Fantasia (AKA Folly) is a 1994 mare with bloodlines that run deep into traditional Gypsy breeding.  She stands 15 hands and weighing in at about 1400 lbs.  Fantasia is very heavy in feather and bone with plenty of shiny black color.  Click on the link below to see some of her arrival pictures.



Our first Gypsy Vanner filly was imported July of 2003. 

After a year of studying the arrival of imports, we selected  "Bakalo" and began planning for her arrival.  Bakalo comes from two legendary bloodlines in England, she has correct conformation, loads of feather and is beautifully marked.   Click the photo below to learn more about this enchanting filly

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