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Daylilies at CGR  
May 2003 - Daylily Seedlings Begin Blooming!
May is when the daylily begins to bloom in Arkansas.  Last year many people shared seeds which I planted and they are now beginning to bloom. I purchased seedlings off the internet and locally. Also, I tried my hand at hybridizing and I have a few of my own flowers this year.  So click on the link above and you will be able to get a good idea of what the daylilies looked like in May!
June 2003 - Daylily Seedlings Showing Off!
June is the peak bloom month for the daylily in Arkansas.  The yard was so beautiful and very fragrant.  Click this link to see seedlings that bloomed in June!
Registered Daylily Blooms!
This link will take you to the registered daylilies that bloomed this season. You will see many colors, textures and a good variety of shapes.  Click this link above to experience the beautiful daylily.
The yard has been awash in color and fragrance!  Click this link to check out some of the sights we caught on photo! It was a blessing every morning to see what would be blooming for the day!

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